Many people have asked why a video streaming platform business would get into the highly competitive cloud business. Rumble CEO and founder Chris Pavlovski explains why.

By: Chris Pavlovski, CEO and Founder
Mar 11, 2024 - 3 min read

Welcome to Rumble Cloud!

Many people have asked why a video streaming platform business would get into the highly competitive cloud business. For me, it was an easy decision. Here are three core reasons why I said “yes” to Rumble Cloud and why you should, too.

Protecting the Free and Open Internet

You are likely already familiar with and our mission to protect a free and open internet, which serves to empower authentic expression for our content creators and audience.

In today’s highly censorious environment, you can no longer just build software, put it on Amazon’s AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure, and trust that you can speak freely without possible repercussions to your business. We saw what AWS did to Parler in 2021 and the censorship has only gotten worse. The censorship and bias from Big Tech was recently highlighted when Google launched their latest AI products, which instantly earned backlash for their inauthenticity and misrepresentation. Through our relentless defense of our mission over the years, it became very clear to me that to overcome censorship and bias, and defend freedom in any meaningful way, we needed to build our own infrastructure to run and secure the business.

A Natural Extension of our Technology

After Parler was de-platformed by AWS, we began aggressively building out our own infrastructure to support We have tens of millions of users consuming billions of minutes of video content every month, which requires a massive amount of compute, storage and bandwidth. This makes a perfect vehicle to build the necessary capacity and scale to launch Rumble Cloud - very similar to YouTube and Google Cloud. Many world-class engineers have joined the team from the incumbent hyperscalers and we have built our state-of-the-art infrastructure with the latest generation hardware and technology. Our team is passionate about building the last highway protecting the free and open internet.

We have been meticulous in our design and have taken extensive measures to build the necessary redundancies and protections in place to be effectively ‘uncancellable’. This is no easy feat in this day and age. If AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure go down, the businesses on Rumble Cloud will still be running because it is disconnected from all the incumbents. And I think that’s an amazing thing.

Breaking the Shackles of Big Tech

The original promises of the cloud were to provide developers and businesses a flexible, cost effective way to scale and maintain infrastructure costs. Instead, these developers and businesses have become shackled to the Big Tech hyperscalers through vendor lock-in strategies, proprietary ecosystems, and complex pricing. Cloud costs only seem to increase, get more unpredictable and be less understood by customers. On top of this, businesses and business leaders feel pressure to align with the aforementioned biases of Big Tech to ensure they don’t get their “lights turned off”.

As a result of this environment, I see a market primed for a provider to empower business independence and provide a cloud solution free from vendor lock-in and with predictable pricing so customers can regain control of their IT budgets. To put it simply, our vision is to restore the original promises of the cloud with fair and predictable pricing, while providing our customers with the security that their cloud provider is protecting a free and open internet.

I’m so excited about the future of Rumble Cloud. Our independent, groundbreaking infrastructure will deliver independence and resilience to businesses that have one thing in common: they believe growth and innovation prosper when the field is fair and there is no thumb on the scale.

At Rumble Cloud, your freedom is our promise.

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