Now Available: Build Your Own Cloud Service Package

May 28, 2024 - 2 min read

In today’s business landscape, flexibility and performance are essential. We are excited to introduce our new ‘build your own’ resource-based cloud service package, designed to give you full control over your cloud experience and expenses. This customizable solution enables you to tailor your compute and storage needs to fit your unique requirements.

Custom Resource Package

Unlocking the Power of Choice

We recognize that every workload is different. Building your own resource-based cloud service package enables you to match your specific needs. Use our simple slider functionality to choose the perfect combination of vCPU, RAM, and Block Storage to create a personalized solution that aligns seamlessly with your workload demands. You’ll see your monthly fixed cost in real-time. Whether you’re running compute-intensive applications, managing vast datasets, or orchestrating complex workflows, our “build your own” package ensures you have the resources you need, precisely when you need them.

Premium Performance, Unmatched Value

No matter which combination of compute and storage you select, rest assured that all options are built on premium, latest generation hardware. This guarantees superior performance and reliability. By leveraging a pool of dedicated resources, you’ll experience consistent performance without concerns about resource contention or slowdowns during peak usage.

Each package includes a floating IP address, 1TB of object storage, unlimited data transfer, and is powered by AMD EPYC processors with SuperMicro NVMe technology. All this for a transparent and fixed monthly cost, no hidden fees.

Value and performance are perfectly balanced. Customizing your resource allocation means you can optimize costs, avoiding unnecessary expenses on resources you don’t require. It’s a win-win: maximum performance at a predictable cost.

Same Pricing, More Flexibility

Services available with the new custom option are the same price as services in the former Resource Tiers, now with added flexibility, a wider variety of options, and an improved product mix. If you previously purchased a Resource Tier and need more flexibility, please contact

Get Started Today

Begin building your custom cloud services package now with our interactive slider. Select your compute and storage resources and immediately see your fixed monthly price. No hidden fees. No surprises. Full control is in your hands.

Take advantage of this opportunity to tailor your cloud services precisely to your needs. Start customizing your package today!

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