Object Storage

Store and retrieve any amount of data including audio, video, images, and log files.

Empower Your Data with Scalable Object Storage

Liberate your data from limitations with our cutting-edge object storage solution, offering scalability, advanced data management, and global accessibility.


Pay only for the storage you use, with no upfront investments or hidden costs, ensuring optimal resource allocation and budget management.


Store and retrieve vast amounts of data without restrictions, scaling seamlessly to accommodate your evolving storage needs.

Metadata Management

Organize and categorize your data efficiently using custom metadata tags, simplifying data retrieval and management.

Optimize Budget Allocation

Save on capital expenditures by leveraging affordable commodity hardware, ensuring resource allocation is cost-effective.

Data Restore

Recover previous object versions or deleted objects from backup copies, safeguarding against data loss.

Object Tagging

Apply custom metadata tags to objects for efficient categorization and streamlined retrieval.

Data Deletion

Permanently delete objects when they are no longer needed, ensuring efficient storage usage.