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We are on a mission to protect a free and open internet.

Our Story
In 2013 small content creators were quickly becoming deprioritized on incumbent platforms (e.g. YouTube) in favor of top influencers, multi-channel networks, and large brands. In response, Rumble was founded on the principle of empowering independent small creators with a platform and tools to express themselves.

Rumble continued to grow as small creators were being pushed aside by leading platforms; however, the recent rise of ‘cancel culture’ accelerated the need for a social platform that supported diverse opinions, authentic expression, and open dialogue. As dominant platforms continued to change their content policies, cancel creators without explanation, and destroy the trust of the creator community, Rumble stood tall in the fight for free speech and never wavered on its principles. As a result of creators and their fans finding a new home on Rumble, the platform has grown its monthly active users by over 40x in the last 3 years. As market titans continue to tighten their grip on information and stifle creative independence, Rumble remains committed to empowering all creators in its mission to protect a free and open internet.

Why Cloud?
Following a period of incredible growth, Rumble went public in September 2022 and raised substantial capital to fund its growth strategy. One of the key tenets was to fund the development and launch of the Rumble infrastructure and ultimately enter the cloud market. Some may ask, why Rumble?

  1. Market Need: From unfair pricing strategies and monopolistic behavior to relentless monetization of sensitive end-user data and punitive lock-in strategies from market leaders, there is a growing need for a trusted cloud vendor.
  2. Independence: With a mission to protect a free and open internet, relying on Big Tech to support the Rumble infrastructure was simply not an option due to ‘cancellation risk’. By building an independent infrastructure, similar to AWS and Twitch, or Google Cloud and YouTube, Rumble is now positioned to sell excess capacity to the cloud market and easily scale for future demand.

Rumble empowers all content creators and businesses with the products and services they need to succeed. Rumble is built on trust with its community and welcomes everyone to experience a free and open internet. It’s time to break the shackles of Big Tech.

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